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About Us

HBG Mission Statement
To provide clean, safe, and affordable housing to the general public, while creating dynamic environments which serve the needs of others in a mutually beneficial and an abundantly profitable way. To offer a complete “one stop shop” housing package by providing financing, low out of pocket expenses, and a warm home environment.

Home Buyers of GA, LLC was established in the year 2000. Since then the company has been involved in the real estate market buying, selling, renting, and maintaining investment property along the east coast of the United States. We currently offer single-family housing, multi-unit housing, and townhomes for moderate-to-middle income families. We are constantly seeking investors to join our proactive, on-the-ground approach which allows us to move quickly and be the first to contract with qualified sellers.

Home Buyers of GA, LLC has a proven track record and strives to over-deliver on investors expectations by achieving great returns on their Cash investments.

Members and Associates

Russ Hiner, Member

Russ oversees all operations for Home Buyers of GA, LLC. He has extensive experience in financial instruments and has been investing in the metro Atlanta area since 1981. He acquired over 48 single and multiple-family properties in his first 5 years investing.

Russ invests everyday. His knowledge and experience is current in the market, capitalizing on the needs, wants, and desires of the customer. His relationships with vendors, investors, tenants, sellers and qualified buyers has given him experience and knowledge to negotiate contracts, manage rental properties, and make his co-investors wealthy. He enjoys taking properties which are virtually destroyed, renovating them, and creating a better community. Russ’s current focus is acquiring multifamily properties.

Russ’s personal philosophy is "by sharing his knowledge and experiences with others we all achieve our dreams of financial independence, together."

Steven Hernandez, Associate
Mr. Hernandez is responsible for the day to day acquiring of profitable investment properties for HBG's diverse portfolio.

He began his career in 2001 in New York City. He has been involved in the overall management and sales of real property both in New York and Georgia. His expertise is in the area of commercial multi-family management.

In 2008 Mr. Hernandez relocated his experience and talents to the Atlanta area. He joined an Atlanta based multi-family management company where he gained the understanding and knowledge of operating a successful multi-million dollar asset in a southern market. He is committed to developing long term relationships and has an eye for detail which has caused his career to prosper in the acquisition of real property. 

Mr. Hernandez alongside Russ Hiner has sought out a goal to provide clean, safe, and quality housing for children and their families in and around metro Atlanta.
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