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Properties for Sale

Looking to buy an investment property or a new home for you and your family?
HOME BUYERS OF GEORGIA, LLC is a proven one stop shop investment firm that can take care of all of your real estate needs! Discover how your investment needs can be realized when you work with Home Buyers of Georgia, LLC.

Credit Challenged? Down Payment Challenged? We have houses to sell that are PRICED below what realtors will charge for the same house!

Click here to view properties for sale!!!!

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HOME BUYERS OF GEORGIA, LLC wants to sell you a Cash COW investment property!
HOME BUYERS OF GEORGIA, LLC wants you to have the American Dream by owning your own home!

We can offer you great terms and rates for your investment properties.

  1. Lease/Options available- for those who are both credit and down payment challenged.
  2. Rent to Own - you pay the rent on time and in full every month. That is your credit. First, Security Deposit, and last month's rent is required
  3. Owner-financing available. Interest rates depend on credit worthiness.
  4. Financing Available to investor’s transactional, bridge, Partnership, Joint venture.
  5. Conventional Financing
  6. Hard Money

Home Buyers has a variety of properties available. We are continuing to get more great opportunities you will want to check back to this site often. Sign up to receive email notifications when a new property is available.

Home Buyers of Georgia provides great investment opportunities and partnerships on the properties that are available.

We can provide one stop shop services so that you the investor can get the property rented quickly and receive the positive cash flow you’re looking for. The one stop shop services include:

  1. Financing- We can provide the financing for the acquisition of the property and the cost of repairs. Transactional Funding, Bridge, Partnerships, and Joint venture.
  2. Acquisition- we have a power team that can take you through the process from contract to closing.
  3. Repair service- We work with a variety of contractors who are able to do projects ranging from minor to major renovations.
  4. Management services

Call or email us to get started!

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