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Your ROI
I want a high rate of return for my cash investment and IRA Money.

Our qualified/high net worth investors, equity partners, and private money investors get great returns for their investment and IRA’s. Discover how you can easily get returns better than your getting now when you invest with Hedge Equity Fund, LLC. Call today to see if you qualify for this highly profitable exclusive group.

Hedge Equity Fund, LLC is a fund that was created for high net worth investors and for select individuals who meet certain governmental requirements. This fund's focus is to enhance communities through economic development and asset preservation in carefully selected markets across the United States. Home Buyers of GA, LLC, serves as a resource to fulfilling the objectives of the fund.

Hedge Equity Fund, LLC supplies large capital infusions into the market where fragile children will benefit and their families will be exposed to stable job opportunities. We provide hope and viability to these families, while delivering high returns to our investors.

The Fund diversifies its risks by investing in real estate property, mortgages, Non-performing notes, annuities, and lottery winnings.

Hedge Equity Fund, LLC’s investors receive jaw dropping tax benefits with our rental properties. We will provide ongoing maintenance, tracking of financial records, and leasing services. Our strengths include creative problem solving, integrity, long term relationships, real estate experience, and the energy to make it happen! We will earn your trust by offering you peace of mind and additional wealth for your future.

Ask Now how to use the money from your 401K, IRA without paying a penalty when investing in Real estate.  Stop getting a low return! Start getting high rates of returns by taking action now!

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Disclaimer: Hedge Equity Funding, LLC is neither an attorney nor a tax advisor. Laws and taxes may vary from state to state, consult your attorney to verify how those two will affect you. Hedge Equity Fund, LLC is not a United States Security Dealer, Broker or US Investment Adviser. Furthermore, Hedge Equity Fund, LLC is not a licensed Realtor or Mortgage Broker in any state.

This is not a public offering or offer or invitation to sell securities or make an investment. Securities are offered or sold by registration or exempt offering only.

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