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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. When should you expect to close?

    We buy quickly at Home Buyers of GA, LLC. We work hard at closing our deals in approximately 10-30 days. Time varies depending on lending requirements, inspections, and the research needed to know that the investment is safe and secured.

  2. How does Home Buyers of Georgia, LLC purchase property?

    Home Buyers of Georgia, LLC purchases your house the way it makes sense to you! That means we can do cash purchases at a significant discount or If you are able to receive payments for a short period of time, we are able to offer more options.

    We also obtain new money (financing) as well as creatively finance our properties.

  3. How does Home Buyers of Georgia, LLC sell their property?
    • Rent-to-own- Pay the rent on time and in full every month for 12 payments. That is your credit. First and last month's rent is required.
    • Owner-financing available- Interest rates depend on credit worthiness.
    • Lease/Options available- A down payment of 3-5 percent is required.
    • Financing available- Conventional Financing, Transactional Funding, or Hard Money.
    • Partnerships- We can partner in the investment.
  4. How soon can I buy?


  5. Who does Home Buyers of Georgia, LLC sell to?

    To people who want to live in the house they are buying, to investors, or ANYONE with a clean rental history!

  6. Where are Home Buyers of Georgia, LLC properties located?

    Metro Atlanta, DeKalb, Fulton (North & South), Gwinnett, All of Georgia, even Out of State
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